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Horrific Confessions of a Yahoo Plus Girlfriend

I am finally opening up about this dirty secret that has become an albatross around my neck.

I hope ladies learn from my mistake and don’t fall into this same trap. I am able to write about this only because I finally made an escape.

I met Lanre (not real name) about eight months ago, and it was a social media meeting. We met on a popular blog… Our opinions conflicted that day, we argued but later got to know each other.

I perused his page and everything I saw caught my eyes, everything about him spoke of money, taste and class! Before long, he invited me over and I knew I didn’t want to leave anymore… Lanre was rich! His five bedroom duplex was furnished like someone had been spying on my fantasies. I fell in love with. . . Him!

Four months after we started going strong, (I always thought of him as a Real Estate Developer) I was there for the weekend and was already sleeping when suddenly I woke up… Lo and behold I saw Lanre, the man I was already dreaming of marrying clad in a red wrapper, coming towards me with a small gourd tied with a strip of red material held in his right hand, and in his left palm was a small empty calabash!

I screamed and roled off the gigantic bed… I started reciting Psalms, he looked shocked and was momentarily dazzled, he quickly recomposed himself and ordered me to shut up. I begged him to spare me even though I didn’t know what he was up to…

“Please Lanre don’t do this to me” I begged him with tears, mucus and blood! “I Love you” I cried

He dropped his two ‘loads’ carefully, threw off the wrapper and came towards me, I scurried away and screamed.

To cut it short…he calmed me down and said he had no intentions of harming me, claimed he was only doing ‘stuff’ for his business, that he loved me…

I sat up till 5am, shivering, crying and checking for Uber.

Dear readers, that was the last time I used my voice! My parents have done everything in their power, still I am dumb. I finally relocated last week thanks to my parents, but I have not had a minute rest, I know I have to tell this story to save another girl!

I got lucky to escape with my life and ‘head’ …Who knows how many ladies have fallen!

Watch out, all that glitters ain’t gold!

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